Business & Collections

Our attorneys can work with you on all of your business needs, from start-up to dissolution and everything in between. We are skilled negotiators, dedicated advocates, and business mentors. We provide practical guidance, high quality drafting, and skilled negotiation to help you reach your business goals. We can assist you in any of the following:

Collections/Bankruptcy (Creditor Rights)

Our firm handles collection litigation of all sorts, including securing and enforcing judgments, residential and commercial foreclosures, retail and commercial collections, and bankruptcy litigation. We recover outstanding debts with efficiency, practicality, and professionalism through diligent and effective negotiation and litigation. Debt recovery assistance is vital when past due accounts are sizable or when debtors are unresponsive.

We can work with you to protect your claim against a person who has filed for bankruptcy. Many times, our approach will depend on the Chapter of the bankruptcy case, and whether the claim is secured or unsecured. At your direction, we can attend the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors to question the debtor about his or her assets or ability to repay your claim. When necessitated, we will file a Proof of Claim to substantiate your claim, file for Relief from the Automatic Stay if your interest is not adequately protected, and/or file Objections to debtor’s discharge or repayment plan if you are not getting paid the correct amount.

Business Formation

There are many different types of entities in Pennsylvania, including limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and professional/business corporations. We will consult with you to determine the best type of entity and prepare and file all the necessary paperwork to set up your new entity. We will work with your accountant to determine whether Subchapter S Election should be filed with the Internal Revenue Service and obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.

Contract Drafting/Review

Let us review your contracts before you sign. We can counsel clients on reviewing purchase orders and contracts they use every day in their business or can review and provide our insight on contracts presented to you to sign. Please do not sign any contract without a thorough review of the terms of the entire contract.

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